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  Frequently asked questions


    Technological Questions

  • What technology do I need to run Assessment ManagerŪ?
    • A web browser (Microsoft IE , Firefox or Mozilla) and access to the web is all you require. Assessment ManagerŪ has been carefully designed to be extremely lean in terms of graphics and bandwidth usage, which makes it slow connection or 3G (mobile phone) dialup friendly.

  • What about Accessibility?
    • The majority of e-portfolio offerings do not take accessibility issues into account.

      Ensuring that the system you provide to your learners complies with accessibility guidelines is not just a desirable and laudable component of your approach to social responsibility, it's now a legal requirement.

      Assessment ManagerŪ is designed to meet stringent accessibility guidelines, thus ensuring that organisations choosing Assessment ManagerŪ do not exclude any of their learners.

  • Can the branding / look and feel be customised?
    • Yes, we believe that this application should fit seamlessly with your existing suite of apps, so the look and feel can be customised so that it fits right in and includes your logos.

  • My learners don’t have PC access at work. Is Assessment ManagerŪ still useful?
    • That’s not a problem. The assessor can log evidence on behalf of the learner. The centre still gains significant benefits from real-time reporting and visibility of learner progress and assessor activity, and the learners themselves can view their progress from any internet-enabled PC they come into contact with, or even from most mobile phones.



    Strategic Questions

  • Holistic Assessment - can the system handle it?
    • Yes, not only does it allow for holistic assessment, but it will actually proactively suggest to the assessor which other PC's/Range/K&U can be met.

  • Will my EV and associated Awarding Body accept e-portfolios?
    • There is a significant drive starting with the LSC to encourage organisations to move towards e-portfolios. This momentum has been carried through by the Awarding Bodies.

      In practice however your organisation needs to determine if e-portfolios can make a difference to your business, and if so, then as long as your e-portfolio system can provide you with at least the same information as you had in a paper based environment, that is all the EV will require.

  • Some of my learners will be running a paper portfolio.
    • As well as handling electronic evidence, Assessment ManagerŪ is specifically designed to also help manage paper portfolios by creating a unique evidence number which references the paper evidence to Assessment ManagerŪ. This means you can still benefit from the tracking, management and workflow features.

  • Key Skills signposting - how is it handled?
    • When logging evidence, following the selection of particular performance criteria, Assessment ManagerŪ will suggest to the Assessor which Key Skills could also be met.

  • Our assessment process is very specific, how can a generic solution help?
    • Assessment ManagerŪ has been designed to automate the portfolio management, communications and reporting involved in assessment, irrespective of the centre’s own specific process.

  • My centre has its own specific report format, can that be accommodated?
    • Of course, Assessment ManagerŪ has a number of pre-defined reports (covering what you would probably call ’common’ reporting areas) but bespoke reports can also be created, and if you would rather create your own, then the data is exportable into Excel, Crystal or other reporting applications.

  • We want learners to take greater ownership of their qualification – can Assessment ManagerŪ help?
    • Yes, Assessment ManagerŪ allows a learner who has PC access to monitor their own progress, to schedule activities like assessor meetings, to share questions and experiences in a virtual coffee shop forum and most importantly, to upload their own evidence items against performance criteria, range statements and knowledge & understanding criteria.

  • My centre has targets to reduce the amount of paper products we use. How much paper can Assessment ManagerŪ remove from the assessment process?
    • If you choose to, all of it.

  • To motivate a purchase for a software application such as Assessment ManagerŪ, my centre would need to see a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) statement.
    • It’s easy to add up the savings in assessment time, reporting time, verification time, in the reduction of assessor visit frequency and in the reduction of paper products to generate a clear cost saving through using Assessment ManagerŪ.



    Functional Questions

  • Does Assessment ManagerŪ cater for guidance notes?
    • Yes, not only can Assessment ManagerŪ handle guidance 'how-to' notes, but an individual assessor can edit them specifically for their learners. These notes are automatically saved for re-use by that assessor. Some centers like to issue centre-wide ’how-to’ notes to ensure consistency of assessment.

  • Can evidence be cross-referenced against other Assessment Criteria, Specific Outcomes, or even other Unit Standards?
    • We understand the importance of cross-referencing (or ’re-using’) a piece of evidence against multiple performance criteria. Assessment ManagerŪ allows you to do this with ease.

  • Does an assessor need to keep opening the application to see whether anything has been submitted for assessment?
    • No, the assessor automatically receives an e-mail alerting them to the fact that there is evidence awaiting assessment.

  • Can an Assessor re-use an assessment plan?
    • Yes, and assessment plan (or action plan) that an assessor creates is automatically stored as a template for possible future use.

  • Does the evidence have to be in a written format?
    • No, Assessment ManagerŪ handles a wide range of evidence types, including digital images, video, audio, spreadsheets or text... even paper!

  • I have worked with audio files. They’re always longer than they need to be and I waste time trying to find the section that’s really relevant.
    • We are aware of that common frustration, so we have built a voice editor ’VClipper’ which allows you to identify just the relevant part of an audio clip, and save that as a specific evidence item.

  • How can an automated system work with trainee assessors?
    • Very easily – if an assessor is registered as a trainee assessor, then once they have assessed evidence in the normal way, it is forwarded to a qualified assessor for sign-off before being returned to the learner.




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